F A N T A S Y ...B O X E S !!
From the depths of the cosmic garage has emerged the ghost of a monstrous dream. When I pulled these out of the box, childhood memories flooded back in a haze of paint and glue fumes. These were elusive, impossible childhood wishes I was holding in my hand - literally fantasy made flesh - all thanks to the good folks at Dencomm...

Until recently, these kits were just a fantasy, and now the nightmare is complete! Back in the early '70s this diabolic duo was set to round out the Monster Scenes "environment," giving us crazed young modelers of the day more ghoulish options for torturing our tiny plastic victims. These nasty little numbers never made it off the production line because outraged parents of the day brought the whole Monster Scenes scene to a dramatic, and abrupt halt.
Although resin recasts of the protoypes have recently become available, until now the packaging plans had never been realized. But, thankfully, that has all changed...
If it's a dose of freaky flashback fun you seek, then these little devils are just what the mad doctor ordered! They are exquisitely manufactured daydreams of undeniable quality. The color, gloss and construction are absolutely spot on.

licensed the rights to use the original art, including the little-seen side panels which feature MS characters within these playset environs. Put a pair of these next to your originals and the untrained eye would never suspect, but the trained eye would bug out!

These are as real a deal as something unreal can be! Pick up a pair, and round out your collection in a pleasantly unexpected way!!
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You can place your order at the Dencomm website. Tell 'em the Professor sent ya!... )8^{>

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