All the monster kits in the longbox series featured a dioramic base which helped provide a creepy backdrop for the monster. The bases were designed as suitable environments for each, with appropriately fiendinsh accessories such as bats, skulls, spiders and other evil items.For the kit builder who wanted even more ghoulish goodies to go with their monsters, however, Aurora released the Customizing Monster Kits No.1 & No.2.

This is the Polar Lights Re-issue Kit. Both this kit and the original 1960's kit contents include 2 Tombstones; 2 Skulls; 1 Lizard; 1 Tarantula; 1 Skull w/ snakes; 4 Rats; 1 Web; 6 Grave Markers; 9 Asst. Bones; 2 Small Spiders; 3 Branches and 2 Bats.


Kit # 463-98

The first kit included a large spider, snakes crawling through a skull, a few rats and the lizard from the Ceature kit remolded into a new position.

Original Kit Instructions
(see blow-up)
This is the Polar Lights Re-issue Kit.


Kit # 464-98

The second kit also featured a Vulture, a Mad Dog, and a cool Skull with a jointed jaw.

Original Kit Instructions
(see blow-up)
Original Longbox   Original Kit
  Here's an original B/U of the Vulture.