Original Kit Issued: 1961 - 1968

Re-Issued: 1969-75, 1983, 1991,1998

The original plastic monster! When Aurora released this kit back in '61, they had to
work night and day to keep up with the orders!

According to Aurora lore, the molds were worn out from so much use and had to be duplicated and replaced a number of times to keep up with demand. It still looks great today.
This truly is the kit that brought a small model company legendary status!

"It is the hair-raising story of a monster created by the genius of a Doctor whose good intention it was to discover a formula rendering man invulnerable to disease. For defying the laws of nature, the Doctor was permanently entangled in a maze of horror worse than death itself.!

"It was on the dreary night of November,
it began. With an uneasy motion he opened his yellow watery eyes. He breathed hard and convulsive motion agitated his limbs. Monstrous in conception, he was a demoniacal resemblance of man!"

Original Promotional Copy from Instruction Sheet
See Entire Text

KIT # 423
SCALE: 1/8
BOX SIZE: (1st Ed.)13"X5"X1-1/2
(2nd Ed.) 13"X4"X2"
KIT # 449
SCALE: 1/8
PLASTIC: Black & Luminous
BOX SIZE: 8.25"X8.25"X3.25


This is one of the early re-issue kits I built, and I'm
not sure I'm actually done with it. I've got some good
detail in the face, but I want to get a more fleshy high-
light to the skin of both the face and hands to get a
truly cadaverous effect.

To this end, I turned the jagged edges of the final layer
under Frank's jacket from the traditional cloth, to skin
with the frayed edges now painted as the scarred
seams left from the Baron's mix-n-match. The effect
is sufficiently gruesome, if not completely authentic.

I'm happy with the painting and effects on the base,
but it's sparseness may merit a Customizing Kit.

CLICK the RADIO to hear a great Old Time Radio dramatization of "FRANKENSTEIN" from the '40s
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Studio: Universal
to see a TRAILER from
the 1931 FILM.
Provided by Sv BELL
Starring: Boris Karloff, Colin Clive, Dwight Frye,
Edward Van Sloan, Mae Clarke

Director: James Whale

The classic which spawned the first monster
franchise. The sets, the performances, the
photography, everything about it is still glorious
to behold. And, it's now available with lost
footage, such as the infamous scene in which
Karloff tosses little Maria into the water, a scene
which was removed for being too horrific for 30s
audiences. Boris Karloff's sensitive portrayal as
the misunderstood monster is still imitated, but
never duplicated.

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