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"The terrifying shape of the wolfman stalked the silence of the night, prowling in search of victims to satiate his bestial appetite. Since the beginning of written records many early legends and numerous stories were related by wizened citizens in the villages of the Old Country.

The Werewolf would appear when the moon was full, a beast stalking his prey until daylight when it would once again assume the human form. It was written that only a silver bullet could kill them, and so the beasts would wander through the swamps and woods with no fear of extinction. Stories came from Transylvania, Hungary and other countries and were pieced together for intensive research.
Lycanthropy, it was called, which meant the transforming from a human form to the form of an animal. Tales of werewolves persisted down through the ages and specialsts have explained their views on Lycanthropy and how a human acquires the form of a wolfman.
It is believed that heredity is responsible for this cursed malady, the tainted bloodline being passed to the descendants of such a creature. As the offspring reaches adulthood the instincts of the werewolf finally overpower the human elements and during a full moon the transformation takes place.
Many novels have been written on the activities of various wolfmen, in addition to stage plays and motion pictures on the subject. The werewolf has been known to exist since the early days of Greek mythology and the legend has been repeated for centuries in the sagas of the north and tales of the middle ages to the present time."

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