Original Kit Issued: 1962 - 1968

Re-Issued: 1969-1975, 1983, 1991, 1998

After the overwhelming demand for the "Frankenstein" kit, Aurora rushed to release the Wolf Man kit the next year.
I don't remember owning this one, but I remember helping
put one together in some neighborhood garage or another.

Its sparse base lacking the tree promised
in the longbox art, this kit creates less

atmosphere than others with more
elaborate diorama bases. However, the
fine detail on the fur and clothing help
this kit stand out.

"The Werewolf would appear when the moon was full, a beast stalking his prey until daylight when it would once again assume the human form. It was written that only a silver bullet could kill them, and so the beasts would wander through the swamps and woods with no fear of extinction. Stories came from Transylvania, Hungary and other countries and were pieced together for intensive research."

Excerpt from Promotional Copy on Original 1962 Instruction Sheet
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KIT # 425
SCALE: 1/8
BOX SIZE: 13"X4"X2"


KIT # 450
SCALE: 1/8
PLASTIC: Dk. Grey & Luminous
BOX SIZE: 8.25"X8.25"X3.25"


My Finished Kit:

I had a great time putting this kit together. It was the
third reissue I'd built, and I applied the lessons I'd
learned from building the first two. I used red putty to
blend the seams into the "fur," a tedious, but very
satisfying job.

Lots of drybrushing, brought out the fur and the cloth
texture of the pants. I used a dark, semi-flat finish on
the bare "hide" areas of the face, hands and feet; and
a glossy blue/green/black wash on the rocks to create
a slimy, damp look. I highlighted the base with tints and
washes of the same paint colors for consistency.

Though extraneous, the skull and rat elements were
fun to paint, particularly getting the bone color and
texture just right. I scumbled lots of earth tones as a
base under layers of tan, cyan and off-white. The
result is a pretty convincing moldy old bone.

Their Frankenstein kit had been the surprise hit of 1961, and the exec's at Aurora knew a good thing when they saw one. The old Universal pantheon of beasties had been given new life and millions of new fans through late-night "Creature Feature" style programs hosted by the likes of Vampira, Seymour, and Zacherley. Riding the trend, Aurora released the Wolf Man and Dracula kits in 1962. They were a smash, and gave the company the courage to continue what would become perhaps their most significant contribution to toy and hobby history - the Classic Monster Series.

"The Wolf Man" 1941

Studio: Universal

Starring: Lon Chaney, Jr., Claude Rains, Evelyn
Ankers, Bela Lugosi, Maria Ouspenskaya

George Waggner

Classic, classic Universal Monster film. Chaney
returns to his ancestral Welsh home, meets up
with gypsies Lugosi and Ouspenskaya, gets bitten
by the lycanthropic Lugosi and soon develops more
hair on his palms than an autoerotic Catholic school
boy. Great makeup by Jack Pierce was originally
the design to be used for the now obscure Henry
Hull in "Werewolf of London."
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