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Aurora-mania and the cult status of the Universal Monster images produced some other cool "swag"
which bore the classic Aurora styling and
-style art.

Here for your viewing pleasure is a gallery of just a
few of the cool items I've stumbled across.

Click on images to enlarge.
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Universal released mini-versions of a number of their classic monster films under the label "Castle Films." These have become highly prized among collectors both for their vintage media format and often-excellent box art, which frequently mimicked popular production stills. CLICK HERE for a peek at several cool examples!
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This is a reproduction of the original Monster Colors paint set.
A 1964 ad shows all the "little extras."


Here's a great set of trading cards produced by DD Reproductions (Dennis Druktenis Publishing & Mail Order, Inc) in the early 1990's. Each card features a black and white photo of a built-up Aurora Monster Model Kit. Together... the 9 cards have a puzzle back which features a black and white photo of a built-up Aurora Gigantic Frankenstein Model kit. The 9 cards came wrapped in a printed brown paper wrapper, sealed with a round silver sticker.
This item was limited to 1000 sets

This is one of the Coppersmith line of copper-working kits based on the classic Aurora monsters. Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolfman were also produced. The copper was beaten into shape over a mold, then "antiqued."

This 3-D Frankenstein Monster
was made by Vari-Vue Co for the
Aurora Model Kit Co.

and was used as a promotion.


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more great info and visuals of
'60s Trading Cards

What nine-year-old wouldn't want to keep his allowance cash in one of these?
The Batmobile and Black Beauty were both issued as T-Jet slot cars
for Aurora's Model Racing line.
Here's a "hot"one!
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This set of Halloween costume
accessories features a knock-off of
the famous James Bama art.

Frankie needs a manicure!

For more art created and inspired
by James Bama,
visit the Monster Galleries

This is the highly-coveted "Master Monster Modeler" certifidate.
These little gems were produced from the original Aurora molds.

The idea was to fold them up and snap them together to make

They were given as prizes in Post cereals in the early '70s.
This 4-Pack of Polar Lights Re-Issue kits is an Auroraphile's dream.
If they'd offered this back in the '60s we would have plotzed!
Universal has released this new tabletop halloween village featuring
all your freaky faves!
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