Original Kit #470 Issued: 1964 -1967

Reissued: 1990s Resin Recast

I always thought this kit was a bit silly, but I've grown to appreciate the level of detail and styling that the Aurora designers put into this kit. Although it is a more whimsical subject, they did not abandon quality and craftsmanship to create "Big Frankie."

This kit has been repopped in resin a handful of times by smaller companies. With an original MIB starting at $500 and $1500 dollars, and resin recasts fetching two bills, this is one highly prized auction item. Maybe it's the kit's one-of-a-kind status that makes it a must-have.
As if hearing our call, Diceman Creations has decided to change that status with the release of their Big Gilluna (Big Creech) Kit. It would be cool if others were to follow....

The Long Box Monsters series was in full swing in 1964 when a clutch of other more light-hearted and whimsical horror-related kits rolled off the line. They were either based on popular creepy pop culture icons or trans- formations of popular Universal Classic Monsters. These kits included The Munsters Living Room, The Addams Family Haunted House, The Gigantic Frankenstein (aka Big Frankie) and the first kits in the Odd Rods series.

These ads both ran in 1964.
Ebay Goooood!Big Frankie was also issued as a Glow Kit
 Built by Keith Meyer

Unavailable since 1964, It is the "Grail" for many toy, kit, and monster collectors (plus, it's just plain cool!). Moebius has received a license from Universal Studios to produce this highly sought after model kit! Look for "Big Frankie" in a store near you, Sept. 2008! As with all Moebius reproduction kits, Gigantic Frankenstein will come in the same, classic style, paper-wrapped box as he did 44 years ago! ,,,,,,,moebiusmodels.com

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