Original Kit Issued: 1964
(- 70s Europe and Canada only)

Re-Issued: 2000

This is a diabolically accurate reconstruction of the fiendish device. It works just like the real thing, again and again. I never saw this kit as a kid, but I would've loved it then, too.

KIT # 425
SCALE: 1/15
PLASTIC: Off White
BOX SIZE: 13"X4"X2"


03/12/01: I just received my Polar Lights Reissue kit which I ordered through Aboyd.com. It's an excellent cast and is going to be a real joy to build. I plan to experiment with a few dry brushing techniques to get a convincing wood grain effect. I will paint and texture all the pieces prior to assembly to get the most realistic look of a "carpenters fit."

Towards the end of the run of the longbox monster kits, Aurora issued the "Guillotine" kit. This was the only torture device kit issued in longbox form, and was obviously a precursor for the "Monster Scenes" torture and lab scene kits. It functions perfectly, and can be used again and again, for hours of "harmless fun!".

"In the same year [1964] Aurora also issued the fully functional Guillotine kit. It was meant to be the first in a series, based upon ultimate penalty devices, called The "Madame Tussaudīs" Chamber of Horrors. Other kits planned were The Rack, Gallows, Hanging Tree and The Electric Chair. The 1/15 scale Guillotine was only manufactured in 1964 in the U.S. due to parental protests to its violent nature."

Content Courtesy of GLOWS in the DARK

The Rack

This is a set of photographs of a kit that never got beyond the prototype stage. You'll notice that it has design elements in common with the "Guillotine" as it was meant to continue the Madam Tussaud's Torture Device longbox series.

The Electric Chair
The Hanging Tree

These were two more gruesome kits intended for the Madame Tussaud's series that never made it. Too morbid for the wholesome suburban household of the '60s!


Blueprint for The Electric Chair Original Box Art

The Pendulum

Original Kit Issued: 1972

This fiendishly clever little Madame Tussaud's kit was actually held back and later produced as part of the Monster Scenes line.
It's completely functional, highly-detailed, and rather difficult to obtain, but well worth the search.

I got mine, it's missing two pieces. The back of the skull, and a bracket for the crankshaft. I think I can scratch build them both.

Stay tuned and we'll see!.

Promotional Art from ToyAdz.com
Box and printed art courtesy of eBay
Guillotine kit available from eBay